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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Antonio Carrasco knows darkness. Growing up in the rough and tumble streets of New Orleans, he learned how to hustle from the school of hard knocks. As a teenager, Antonio could often be found getting into all sorts of trouble on Bourbon Street. Call it voodoo or call it fate, something told him that he better get out of the Dirty South before his luck ran out. After lots of close calls and near misses he decided it was the time to get gone and so Antonio hopped an Amtrak train with nothing more than a hundred dollars in his pocket and a duffel bag of clothes.

At the age of 18, he arrived in California with nothing more than hopes, dreams and a vague idea of what adulthood meant. Not sure what to do with his life, he enrolled in art school. While studying film, Antonio picked up a 35mm still camera and began to experiment. This little hobby soon became an obsession, causing him to stay up late most nights eagerly learning everything he could about what makes an image great. After art school, Antonio moved to Hollywood to pursue photography.

Photography is not about what camera you use or how many lights you can plug in. Photography is about how you see the world. While most photographers worry about lighting, Antonio explores shadows. His unique viewpoint and signature dark lighting results in images that are both dramatic and expressive. Drawing from the darkness of his past, he uses his camera as a way of making a statement as much about himself as it is about the model.

The goal of any photographer of people should be to break down the ego and image that the subject projects and instead capture the very essence of a person's soul. That connection to his subjects is what drew Antonio into a love affair with photography and the still image. The photos on this web site are not merely images, but each a study in delicate act of forming an intense but brief connection between two people on opposite sides of a camera.

Anyone can buy a camera and learn Photoshop. Anyone can call themselves a photographer.

But very few can speak through photos.

The Sun is Gone but I Have a Light
Hope is all we have

Anchorage Daily News - 12/01/10
Billboard Magazine - 07/18/09

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